Kundalini yoga Workshop with Jai Kartar Kaur

“Listen with care.
Where your faith is, I am there.”

Saturday, June 9th, 3-5.30pm
Cows Lane
Dublin 8
€35 investment

For more information contact
Jai Kartar Kaur 
phone 087 333 9642

Your mind is beyond measure. The possibilities and permeations of your existence are vast. The choice is yours. Either you are a slave to your mind or you are the master of it. When you develop your mastery you can choose your state of consciousness.

It’s not the events in your life that define who you are but, rather, how you choose to deal with them. The consciousness that you choose to embody or your reactions based on emotions and past agendas will dominate your experience.

Consciously choosing to be present, humble and accepting opens the door to the limitless realm of Shuniya. Through meditation, you can manifest a still point that yogis call Shuniya. It is a state of merger with the Infinite in which you create your own expansive reality. Shuniya is an obtainable state of grace of love.

This Kundalini Yoga workshop will provide you with yogic techniques as well as the time and space necessary to develop your relationship to Shuniya.

Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as the ‘Yoga of Awareness.' It is an avenue to self-experience and expansion. The yoga practice integrates breathing techniques, active movement, held stretches, deep relaxation, meditation, mudra (hand positions), and mantra (meditation utilizing the repetition of sound).

Join Jai Kartar Kaur for a rich Kundalini Yoga experience. Sweat, laugh, breath and deeply relax. Enjoy the blessing of being you! 

For more information contact
Jai Kartar Kaur 
phone +353 (0)87 333 9642