Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Workshop

with Jai Kartar Kaur

Santosa Yoga Studio
13th of July, 2.30-5.30pm

21 Albert St, Edinburgh EH7 5LH, UK

Contact Jai Kartar Kaur to book. +353 (0)87 333 9642

Your soul knows the language of the universe. When you repeat the sounds of sacred mantra, each sound that you repeat is an echo of the Divine with you.

Can you imagine a world without sound? Can you imagine the sound that an astronaut hears in space? Within every silent moment, there is symphony of sound. Sound gives form, texture, depth, and dimension to each moment of your unfolding consciousness.

Yogis have known for eons that sound vibrations effect our bodies, minds, and spirits. Thus, mantra is a vital component of Kundalini Yoga.

The methods of Naad Yoga that are interwoven in Kundalini Yoga impact our consciousness and connection to the realm of Infinity. When you tune into the Naad using yogic techniques, it is akin to listening to the universal heartbeat and repeating its rhytym. In doing so, you become merged with the raw essence of the divine, creative energy that pulses through all that is. Naad Yoga is a gateway to experiencing union.

In this workshop, you will develop your sensitivity to the subtle energy of the Naad. We will practice Kundalini yoga kriya, meditation, and mantra, and discuss the essence of the Naad. You will experience the power of this divine connection and how it can be integrated in your life.

Connect and expand with Jai Kartar Kaur using the time tested tools of Kundalini Yoga. Sweat, laugh, breathe, deeply relax, and be. Enjoy the blessing of being you!


The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

Restore Your Natural Balance

July 19th-22nd, 2019

Townley Hall, Co. Louth, Ireland

Jai Kartar Kaur is delighted to be part of the Celtic Woodland Festival, a beautiful, communal space in a natural setting that celebrates all of the traditions of yoga, movement, and the healing arts. Jai Kartar Kaur will offer a sadhana (early morning practice) each day at the festival as well as a number of other workshops. This is an opportunity to be a part of something special!

The CWYF team has worked hard for many months to gather a wide range of teachers and presenters so that your experience of the festival will be an expansive experience. It is their hope that this festival will be an opportunity for everyone to learn new approaches to yoga, to broaden perspectives and to find fresh inspiration.

There are so many good classes lined up! Visit Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival website for a complete listing of the festival schedule. Just to wet your whistle, here are some classes and events that are on offer:

  • Alignment of the Inner Body - Iyengar Style - Teresa Lewis

  • Music and Meditation for Dreamtime - Yoga of Dreams - Jack Harrison & Benita Wolfe

  • The Yoga of Intimacy - Heart of Yoga - Emma Warmington

  • Rise and Shine - Kundalini Yoga - Jai Kartar Kaur

  • Vinyasa Slow - Gentle Power - Cathy Pearson

  • Woodland Reggae Music - DJ Set - Reggae Reeta

  • Sadhus, Yogis, Mystics and Cheats: A Talk - Randall O'Leary

  • Breath Medicine - Breath for Healing - Daisy Kaye

This is just a little slice of the amazing lineup. There is so much more: music, talks, meditations, walks in nature, dance, massage, great food, etc. There is something for everyone, and you can tailor your own flow and experience.

Visit the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival website for further information and for booking:


SHuniya- Stillpoint of being
Kundalini Yoga and GONG MEDITATION Workshop

with Jai Kartar Kaur

Little Bird
25th of August, 3.00-5.30pm

82 S. Circular Road,
Dublin 8

Go to the Little Bird website to book in advance as these workshops usually become fully booked.

Your being-ness is unwavering

There is very little to say about shuniya. It is complete. It is a place of merger and an experience of totality. Although it may appear paradoxical, in order to arrive at stillness, often one first needs to be thrown into action. Excessive energy that manifests as sensations of edginess, restlessness, frustration, anxiety, or pressure may cause distraction from entering stillness with ease and comfort.

For this reason, in this Kundalini Yoga workshop we will first practice a kriya that allows the release of excess energies through physical activity. We will then follow with an integrative period of deep relaxation and meditation.

We will enter the kingdom of Shuniya, high vibrational consciousness, with reverence.

Develop your ability to embrace equanimity and stillness. Connect and expand with Jai Kartar Kaur using the time tested tools of Kundalini Yoga. Sweat, laugh, breathe, deeply relax, and be. Enjoy the blessing of being you!