Living Light
Kundalini Yoga and Gong Workshop

with Jai Kartar Kaur

The Space Between
12th of October, 2.30-5.30pm

Fenian Street, Dublin 2

Contact Jai Kartar Kaur to book. +353 (0)87 333 9642

Your body is composed of trillions of cells dancing together. It is your temple. Illuminate it with the light of your soul.

Embrace the platform of your unique expression!

Your most treasured and profound moments are also your most embodied ones. Join Jai Kartar Kaur in a sacred space where you are invited to explore and deepen your lightness of being through the time-tested practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation.

In this workshop, you will develop your ability to live light. We will practice pranayama (breathwork), Kundalini yoga kriya, gong meditation, and discuss the essence of the living light. Be nourished and cultivate unfettered being-ness!

Connect and expand with Jai Kartar Kaur using the time tested tools of Kundalini Yoga. Sweat, laugh, breathe, deeply relax, and be. Enjoy the blessing of being you!

Contact Jai Kartar Kaur to book. +353 (0)87 333 9642


Connect and Nourish

KYTAI Teachers Day

The Radisson Blu Hotel
6th of October, 11am -4pm

Radisson Blu, Athlone

Contact to book.

This special event is brought to you by the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association of Ireland. It is a free event for Kundalini yoga teachers and teachers in training. The free event will include: