Benefits of Yoga:

• Strengthen your body
• Increase flexibility
• Develop self awareness
• Improve metabolism
• Lose weight
• Mindfully address & recover from physical limitations
• Increase energy
• Reduce stress and learn how to be stress resistant
• Feel balanced and harmonious
• Become attuned to your process of transformation
• Cultivate your zest for life

At the Well Within we believe that life is a precious journey that will present opportunities of transformation and evolution. Just as a caterpillar posseses an extraordinary ability to become something it is not, so too, can the human being. We are extraordinary beyond measure. Often it is only our own belief in our inability that hinders our expansion.

Through the time tested techniques of Kundalini yoga you are able to become attuned to your inner monologue. You can learn to embrace your ability and vastness and release self imposed limitations.

I’m going take my first yoga class. What do I need to know?

• Talk to your teacher before your first class. Why not show up a few minutes early and introduce yourself? Let your teacher know about any injuries or conditions that need be taken into consideration with your yoga practice. If you have a significant medical condition, please consult your physician before beginning yoga classes.

• Wear comfortable clothing that breathes easily. Natural fibres are best.

• Bare feet are recommended for yoga.

• It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach for your own comfort. 
Allow a few hours between a meal and yoga practice.

• Avoid drinking a lot of water during class but drink it generously after your practice. This aids the cleansing process.

• Please refrain from wearing any fragrances or strong smelling body products to yoga class.